Most of us are looking for something that is original, different and personal to add to our home. Stained glass windows can do this and together we can create something that is appealing and distinctive, reflecting the style of the home.

The process begins with a concept, the design follows and the glass colours are chosen. After that my work constructing the window begins.

There is a huge choice – from traditional patterns to abstract funky designs and personalised pictures, depicting personal characters, birds, animals, flowers or any character or emblem that you fancy. Artworks range from small pieces to hang in your windows to large (and huge!) window and door installations and statement pieces.

We can make customised windows, doors, room dividers, fire screens and lamps.


Here are a few examples of some recently completed projects:

The windows at Fernhill Hotel began as an abstract design concept influenced by Midmar Dam with its cascading water spilling into the Umgeni River. Once we had the drawing, soft often iridescent colours were selected and placed onto the design. Small pieces representing droplets included fusing dichoric glass to add a reflective element. We used not only transparent glass but added dimensions using glass with solid white running through to represent the cascading water. We used iridescent glass which looks so like water as it reflects colour through.

These windows were put into an American style horse barn, which was used to house American Quarter Horses. The brief was to give a North American theme so we put feathers in the manes and used a Prairie theme as the background.