Fire Gems

My desire to explore the possibilities of glass has seen the development of the flame torch beads – our ‘Fire Gems’. The phrase ‘ a duck to water’ comes to mind! I love it! Playing with molten glass and manipulating it into shapes and forms is fascinating.

Glass is an amazing and mysterious material and once melted by the flame torch its exciting properties inspire the torch artist to create an array of individual beads.

By experimenting with design and multiple layers of colour, extraordinary beads evolve.

Using imported Murano glass beads are created on the flame torch. Either floral or abstract designs are made and once annealed the beads are given to 3 ladies to string therefore creating different styles. We pride ourselves with our simple attractive designs.

We offer necklaces including animal characters for little girls, ear-rings using sterling silver hooks, bracelets, handbag jewellery, memo holders and book marks.

I love making animals out of glass – dogs, cats, guinea fowl, cows, horses, penguins, rabbits, elephants, rhino, hippo and warthog to name a few. They are a lot of fun to create and they have a unique and special look – such fun!

Our bookmark is innovative, it is a worm made by wrapping molten glass around a bead and giving it a face – we call them our book worms and are for the serious reader!

The designs and styles are continuously changing ensuring we can always offer a variety of choice to our customers with both design and colour combinations.